Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 Series Redefining reference quality sound.

Homage Tradition - A genuinely Italian tradition

A True Legend of Sound.

PM-10 integrated amplifier with matching SA-10 SACD/CD player sees a complete re-invention of the design principles behind the company’s statement products

JBL's founder helped motion pictures speak. From then on, we've been continuously advancing the science of high-fidelity sound reproduction, right on up to and including Synthesis Ultra.

Award winning Automation Solution Automating audio, video, and environmental management systems. Offering solutions for residential, commercial and transportation applications


Lower Prices on Specific Marantz Units

The HFX Group have secured better prices on specific Marantz components. These savings have been passed on directly to the end user. Please download the latest price list from our website.

Units effected by lower prices includes Marantz UD 7007, NR 1608, NR 1508, MC-R511,MC-R611, PM 5005, CD 5005, AV 7703, MM 7055 and MM 8077

Download Pricelist Here





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